Eisfuchs' Furry Code

The Furry Code is a resemblance to other codes like the Geek Code. It can give a complete description of your own person and your character with just a few codes. It's a nice toy but it's by no means mandatory to have a Furry Code. Many Furries are glad to have it as a guideline to learn about the preferences and properties of others, though.

FCA~s3acdmrw/[Foxcoon]3adm A+ C+++ Dm+++ H++ M P++ R+ T++ W+ Z++ Sm#
RLCT a30 cadln++ d+ e+ f++ h++ iwf+++ j p+ sm#

This is how my Furry Code looks like. If you don't want to decode it by hand, you can do it online as well (thanks to Chama C. Fox). The original documentation for the Furry Code is available from Ross Smith. You can find a German translation on aMoose's page. Some time ago I wrote a decoder for the Amiga that's available for download here.

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