Act 1, Scene 3: Weathering the Storm

Shubert GrimaldiFeo
Investor 1Trendane
Investor 2Blastdav
Investor 3Blutilein


Shubert: "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the kick off meeting of the joint Gold Rush Mall Marketing committee. Together with our Partner, Gravity Trust Capital, we've worked hard to develop a marketing and public relations strategy which I'd like to present to you today."

Investor 1: "Excuse me, Mr. Grimaldi, but before we go into the agenda, can we talk about the incident at the hearing? I think I'm not the only one who's a bit worried right now."

Investor 2: "Indeed."

Investor 3: "And more than just a bit."

Shubert: "I agree that the incident was unfortunate. But to keep this meeting short, we should stay focused on our goal, creating a world-class shopping destination in Los Lobos."

Investor 1: "Mr. Grimaldi, how can you dismiss our concerns just like that. This has the potential to really hurt our bottom line, especially nowadays, with Cancel Culture running rampant. We're investing millions into your city, I think we deserve to be taken more seriously!"

Investor 2: "I have to agree. Our brand names in association with police violence make for some really bad optics."

Shubert: "Gentlemen, please, rest assured, this 'hiccup' won't jeopardize any of what we have worked so hard for!"

Investor 3: "Hiccup? Your police chief curb stomped that feline lady in broad daylight, in front of a live audience, for Dog's sake!"

Shubert: "I concur that this shouldn't have happened where and when it did, and I've already given Chief Cross the stern talking he deserves."

Investor 1: "This man is clearly a liability. We cannot afford to be seen as the villains in this dogdamn gentrification drama!"

Shubert: "Gentlemen, I was under the impression that we all knew what kind of deal we're making here."

Investor 3: "Of course."

Shubert: "If you want to build something new, you have to get rid of the old, and that means some resistance will have to be overcome. And for that, Chief Cross is precisely the right man."

Investor 2: "I hope you realize that you are playing with fire, Mr. Grimaldi."

Shubert: "Before I went into politics, I used to be Director for Strategic Communications and Government Relations for the cities biggest electricity supplier. I know how to face the headwinds. That woman, for instance, was not just anybody, but one of the head figures of resistance in the local feline community. The Internet has the memory span of a gold fish. But you know who will not forget? Everyone in that room. They now know that they can't put themselves above the rules. Not even when you're Robin Halley. But don't think that'll be the last we've seen of her. She'll be back. And then you'll understand why we need someone like Chief Cross, or there won't ever BE a bottom line for you to worry about."

Investor 1: "We still have to talk about public relations."

Shubert: "And that is precisely what the Gold Rush Marketing committee is about. The difference between being the villains of gentrification or the saints of urban revitalization is nothing but a matter of perspective. And it's our job to create a framework through which we can establish that perspective within the public eye. For example, by consequently communicating the priorities, like accessibility and sustainability, and what kind of architectural marvel the atrium is going to be, and how much emphasis on resource-saving was put during extraction, processing and transportation of the marble stone slabs all the way from France! No CO2 heavy concrete, all natural limestone! Okay, I see, we've been off to a rough start, so how about we take a small coffee break, and I'm sure I'll be able to disperse all your worries in no time ..."