Act 1, Scene 4: Shite!

Chief BishopTrendane
Josh CampbellTonyko
Ryan ChaseLynard
Daniel StripesBlutilein
Max SkinnerFüchschen
Curt BatesBlastdav


%AMB% muffled city street noises, office noises

%SND% door

%SND% chairs, scuffling feet, people getting in line

Chief Bishop: "Ladies!"

Daniel Stripes: "Morning, Chief!"

Max Skinner: "Good morning!"

Curt Bates: "Chief!"

Josh Campbell: "Good morning, Chief Bishop!"

Ryan: "Morning, Chief!"

Chief Bishop: "Alright, listen up, lads! I ain't someone for mincing words. So ..."

%SND% some chuckling at the mentioning of Ryan's name

Chief Bishop (sarcastic): "... apologies to the sensitive types among you - yes, you, Chase - better brace yourselves cause I'm gonna lay it down straight!"

%ACT% Ryan sighs but with a smile

%SND% metal clattering on table

%SND% Chief Bishop walks around while he talks

Chief Bishop: "See these badges? Clean and pretty, ain't they? Out on the streets, folks will only see the metal. They'll take you for one of the good ones, cause of all the men and women who wore badges like these and did them proud. Every now and again, however, some asshole cop dips his badge in shite. Talkin trash about his comrades. Dragging the force into the dirt. Granted, he might have been a good Joe who just had one lousy day. Doesn't matter. He dipped his badge in shite, and since we all wear the same badge, ours are dipped in right along his, as soon as news make the rounds."

%ACT% Chief Bishop picks up one of the badges

%SND% scraping of metal

Chief Bishop: "So better take care of these! Don't you fuckers dare dip them in shite, because I hate having to wear a shitty badge."

%ACT% Chief Bishop throws the badge back on the table

%SND% clatter

Chief Bishop: "Bottom line, Rookies, there are a million cops out there. But it just takes 52 to make headlines for each week of the goddamn year, and folks love a spicy headline, whether it's true or not. And it doesn't take much for our badges to be down in the gutter. What people don't realize is that it's us who are the last line of defense between them and a world of criminals, degenerates, coons, and cats. They've grown up in their cozy little homes, protected and cared for. They don't know that life on the street is tough, and that it takes a strong hand to keep them safe. So when things get rough, we need to stand together. Speaks as one. If you let shite get on **you** it flings shite on all of us. If you let shite get on your partner, or your superior, it flings shite on all of us. Always remember that! Now step forward and collect your shiny new badges."

%SND% footsteps of the rookies stepping forward, receiving their badges

Chief Bishop (emphasizing the rank): "Officer Daniel Stripes ... Officer Max Skinner ... Officer Curt Bates ... Officer Josh Campbell ... Officer Ryan Chase."

Chief Bishop: "Congratulations, **Officers**. And now it's time to get to work. Chase, Skinner, watch those radios, we don't have that many spares left. Dismissed!"

%SND% footsteps as the Chief leaves, door slam

Ryan: "What do you think the Chief meant when he said, we need to speak as one?"

Josh: "We're supposed to cover each other's asses, what else?"

Ryan: "Oh, okay. I thought he might actually have said something deep for a change."

Josh: "Bishop? Naaaaw :) He's just a rambling old cop who's seen so much shite in his life, he can't think of anything else anymore."

%ACT% Ryan and Josh laugh, patting each other's shoulders.

Josh: "That badge looks good on you, brother!"

Ryan: "Thanks! And I'm gonna keep it nice and free of shite! Promise!"