Act 2, Scene 2: Welcome Back, Detective

Setting: The closed ACAB bar. Without the lights and neon the room looks gloomy and bare. The projection is showing footage of the riots. These images play behind the characters all through the scene (visual distraction to keep scene from being all talking heads). Pre-film this. You can make it as chaotic and wacky as you like. Toss in a few furry commercials-- white wolves driving high-end cars, people at restaurants, etc. Great place for more visual humor.
Stage setupNameComment
Left: StripClub
Middle: StripClub
Right: StripClub
ACAB neon logoNowetiswitched off. on middle or right panel
shelfNowetion left panel, LED blue
On 2nd rail
bar counter[5-7, 2nd]
stage / scratch post[1-3, 2nd]
On playrail
Hand props & personal props
Special effects
footage of the riotsmedia
OlafCurryFuaranDerpy Cheetah
Intro**00:00 **
Dialogue**00:00 **
**Scene Total****00:00 **


%LIG% LX-0099 Work Light OFF (Static Playbacks)

%LIG% LX-2200 STANDBY for GO:

%MIX% Check Levels
%MIX% Unmute Desk

%MIX% Puppeteer1: ON


%ATT% STBY Stage right [7, off]: Olaf, Robin, Zoe, Ryan

%HND% Curtain - open

%AMB% AMB-2201 - Empty Bar Ambience

%LIG% LX-2201 Lights on, reddish white as ambience, rose emphasis on guests on first level; 2nd level left protagonists spot-mh fading from dark to white

%AMB% SND-2201 - Door Opens

%ACT% Robin still being carried by Olaf, enters from [7], followed by Ryan and Zoe, who is clinging to his side

Robin: "Thanks Olaf ... you can put me down now."

%ACT% Olaf sets her down

%ACT% Robin locks and chains the door

%ACT% Robin turns to face Ryan, furious

Robin (angry): "You fucker. You lying fucker!"

Ryan: "Robin! Everything I did for you was from the bottom of my heart, I swear!"

Robin: "I hope you're gonna rot in hell!"

%ACT% Robin slams her fist against a ClubTable1 in frustration

Robin (angry): "Rrrrrrrrrr ... SHIT!"

Olaf: "I knew something was fishy about you."

Robin: "I can't believe it ... the freaking killer cop! IN THE ACAB!"

%ACT% Zoe is confused, still clinging to Ryan

Zoe: "Robin, what are you talking about?"

%ACT% Robin pulls Zoe away from Ryan and points her finger at him

Robin: "This shit fucking killed Mila!"

Olaf: "What a connivingly convincing cunt!"

%ACT% Zoe is confused

Zoe: "What? No ... he couldn't have!"

Robin: "Look at him! Remember the face that was all over the news after she was killed? Police Detective Chase? LOOK AT HIM!"


Robin: "Shocked?"

%ACT% Ryan sighs

%ACT% Zoe looks up at Ryan, still uncertain

Zoe: "... Ryan?"

%ACT% Ryan closes his eyes in frustration ... then sags, defeated

Ryan: "She's right. It's my fault Mila is dead."

Zoe: "Ryan ...?"

%ACT% Ryan opens his eyes, glaring at Robin and Olaf

Ryan: "But I didn't kill her. I loved her! It was Cross and his men. I could have saved her. But I wasn't home."

%ACT% Ryan is spent. He slumps down on the playrail.

Ryan: "I'm sorry."

%ACT% Robin does not believe him

Robin (angry): "If it wasn't you, then why ... did ... you ... run ...?"

%ACT% Ryan puts his hands over his face as he remembers that awful night

Ryan: "It was supposed to be ME dead in my house, not her! Ex-colleague warned me. They were out to get me next. Still are."

Olaf: "That's not what the cops said."

%ACT% Ryan drops his hands and gives Olaf a hard look

Ryan: "So NOW you suddenly believe the cops, huh?"

%ACT% Olaf looks confused. This is more than his brain can handle.

Olaf: "Uh ..."

Zoe: "I don't. I believe HIM."

%ACT% Robin stares at Zoe in disbelief

Robin: "Have you been skipping your meds again or what is suddenly wrong with you?"

Zoe: "This schmo has been the fucking perfect gentleman. Unfortunately."

%ACT% Zoe look into Ryan's eyes, then turns back to Robin

Zoe: "He risked his life to save your ass the night he came in. You think just any wolf or dog would just walk in and risk that for you?"

Robin: "More like YOUR ass!"

Zoe: "Everyone's asses were on the line that night, both figuratively and literally."

%ACT% Robin is reluctant to agree, but she can't argue with Zoe's reasoning

%ACT% Robin turns her attention to Ryan

Robin: "Okay, hero. So why DID you do that?"

%ACT% Ryan looks exhausted, at the end of his rope. His spirit is broken and he doesn't have the will or strength to hide anything anymore.

Ryan: "I grew up believing cops were the good guys. So I became a cop. I always wanted to be one of the good guys. Still do."

%ACT% Olaf snorts

Olaf: "Good guys for dogs. Good guys for anyone not a cat."

Ryan: "I saw that. But the force is a brotherhood. You see bad things and turn a blind eye, you don't betray your brothers. But I did. I had to."

%ACT% Robin narrows her eyes, still suspicious of Ryan

Robin: "I'm not buying it. "

Ryan: "Can't blame you."

Zoe: "That can't possibly be the full story!"

Ryan: "Would it make a difference? I think it's time for me to leave."

%ACT% Ryan stands up and prepares to leave

Robin: "Yeah, maybe that's better for all of us."

Zoe: "*sigh* No! Please don't just walk away like that. C'mon, hero. You've had a bad day."

%ACT% Zoe takes Ryan's arm and leads him out to [1]

Robin: "I'm so disappointed in you, Zoe"

Zoe: "I don't care."

Robin: "And I don't care that you don't care. Just get that cop out of my sight."

Zoe: "You're so pathetic."


%ACT% Robin slumps down on the counter, waiting until they're gone

%ACT% Zoe and Robin leave at [1]

%AMB% SND-2202 - Door Slams Shut

Olaf: "So what now."

Robin: "I dunno. What do YOU think, Olaf ... is that guy shit or shinola?

Olaf: "What the hell is shinola?"

Robin: "*GROAN*"

%LIG% LX-0099 Lights out

%AMB% AMB-2201 Fade Out

%HND% Curtain - close

%LIG% LX-0099 Work Light ON