Act 2, Scene 2: The Killer Cop

Maya MartinezPan
Jackson DraperBlutilein
John DoyleFüchschen


Maya: "Good morning and welcome to the HISS Radio 99.1 FM Morning Show! Your No. 1 Station for purring progress, roaring change and amplifying the voices of feline equality everywhere! Rise and shine, Los Lobos, it's a brand new day. I'm your host, Maya Martinez, and I'm here with none other than the magnificent Jackson Draper."

Jackson: "Whaaats up everybody! Prepare for some shocking News to kick start your day, folks! It's been barely 12 hours and the death of 31 year old Mila Evans is already sending shock waves through the Los Lobos feline community."

Maya: "Details are still unfolding, but from what we know, an LOLPD Detective has been identified as a person of interest in this horrific affair."

Jackson: "Why would anybody do such a horrible thing?"

Maya: According to the police, Detective Chase had been operating a feline prostitution ring from his basement as a side gig. When his own colleagues from the SWAT team came to his house to put an end to the abuse, they found Miss Evans' body dead with her throat slit open, and Detective Chase gone."

Jackson: "Looks like he knew what was coming."

Maya: "It's all speculation at this time, but yeah, if you ask me I would say, he got rid of the witness and made a run for the border."

Jackson: "What a bastard."

Maya: "Shh! Don't say it too loud!"

Jackson: "Seriously though, let's stop for a moment and take stock. Mila Evans, the woman, who tragically lost her life yesterday on July 1st is the latest in a long line of victims of a police force that has completely lost the plot. The LOLPD is trying to sell us a 'bad apple' narrative with the 'Detective Chase, Killer Cop' talk. It is this host's opinion, that the 'lone wolf' is gonna be thrown under the bus in an effort of the police to wash themselves clean of him. And while I'm certain they're gonna get the right mothereffin' canine fleabag, I'm not gonna let the mothereffin' LOLPD turn me and you, the listeners, into mothereffin' schmucks!"

Maya: "Whoooo, chile!, Jackson's on fire this sweet morning!"

Jackson: "I'm sure in the following days law enforcement is gonna paint us a vivid picture of a single depraved individual involved in all sorts of sordid activity, sullying the good name of our oh-so-brave men and women in uniform. But every kitten out there knows the truth! There are hundreds of Detective Chases riding police cruisers in this dogforsaken city! This ain't just about one individual cop. This is about the whole dogdamn system which has continuously harmed Los Lobos' feline community for decades, without a shred of accountability! When do we finally say 'enough is enough'?"

Maya: "Well said, Jackson. And to our listeners, you're a part of this conversation too. We want to hear your thoughts on this rapidly unfolding tragedy. Call us at 520-555-HISS."

%SND% Sound of a phone ringing

Jackson: "Hello, you're live on HISS Radio! Share your thoughts on the Mila Evans case with us."

Taylor: "Hi, this is Taylor, did you see the press statement the police gave? I can't believe they're trying to smear that poor woman's name, calling her a prostitute and whatnot. This is just another instance of the system vilifying a victim. I hope they get that fucking Killer Cop and cut his dogdamn balls off!"

Jackson: "Damn right, brother. We all want justice done, but let's not let the rest of them off the hook and hide behind their 'lone wolf' narrative."

%SND% Sound of a phone ringing

Maya: "And you're on air. So what's your take on the situation?"

Jason: "Hey, my name is Jason. It's sickening how these incidents keep happening. Mila deserved so much better. This just shows why we need reform in our police force and need to punish bastards like Chase as hard as possible. Qualified immunity needs to go!"

Maya: "We hear you Jason! We hear you."

%SND% Sound of a phone ringing

Jackson: "Seems like we have another caller on the line. What's your perspective on the Mila Evans case?"

Chris: "Hi, Chris here. Let's not rush to judgment without all the facts. We should wait for a thorough investigation before drawing conclusions about this."

Maya (sour): "Although how thorough the police is gonna investigate on themselves remains to be seen. Thanks for the call, Chris."

%SND% Sound of a phone ringing

Emma: "Hi, this is Emma. Mila's life mattered, and we can't ignore racism against cats any longer. This must be a wake-up call to all of us here in Los Lobos."

Jackson: "Thank you Emma, and I believe that's what many of us are thinking right now. It's a dogdamn shame, that's what it is!"

%SND% Sound of a phone ringing

Maya: "Hello, you're live on HISS Radio."

Greg: "Hi, my name is Greg. We can't just outright dismiss the possibility that Miss Evans truly was involved in prostitution. We should not jump to conclusions of course but maybe it is as simple as a row between a pimp and his hooker that turned ugly, even if the pimp was wearing a badge."

Maya: "Shut up, Greg!"

Jackson: "Shut up, Greg!"

%SND% Sound of a phone ringing

Jackson: "And our final caller for the morning, you're live on the HISS Radio Morning Show."

John (hostile): "Yeah, hi my name is John Doyle and as a law abiding canine, I am sick and tired of this constant police bashing. This case is getting blown way out of proportion. Officers put their lives on the line every day and all you do is shit all over them! I'd rather stand up for those who risk their lives than jump on your 'let's blame the cops' bandwagon every time some nipped-out alleycat gets a shake-down because it's just too damn strung-up to listen and simply comply. Guess what, they fuck around, they find out!"

%SND% Sound of telephone being hung up

Maya: "So before this devolves into the usual debate about politics, lets conclude our discussion of the Mila Evans case for this morning. A huge thank you to all our callers for sharing your thoughts and insights ... except for the last one. You, John, can go and bark at the mailman instead."

Jackson: "Remember, listeners, your voices matter, and your engagement drives change. So stay informed, stay engaged, think critical and hold power accountable, always! Until next time on HISS Radio 99.1 FM: Purring Progress, Roaring Change: Amplifying the Voices of Feline Equality Everywhere!"