Act 2, Scene 3: Holy Bastet!

Setting: Zoe's apartment with a twist. Three Segments of the stage are set up for three different scenes. This scene will consist of three flashbacks that play out parts of Ryan's past as he opens up to Zoe.
Stage setupNameComment
Left: Black
Middle: Black
Right: Black
On 2nd rail
police carin [5, 2nd]
bedin [3, 2nd]
blanketKidain [3, 2nd] on the bed
blanket_redKidain [3, 2nd]
blanket_softReesain [3, 2nd]
pillowSehkebain [3, 2nd]
deskin [1, 2nd]
papersFurvanin [1, 2nd] on the desk
On playrail
Hand props & personal props
box of donutsDinoex
police badgeRangarig
glassNowetion nightstand
bottleNowetion nightstand
clinking bagDunkelpfote
Special effects
siren and the lightsLeared/blue light
DispatchVoice: Cheetah
BobVoice: Timo
ZoePano'wolf, Luno, FyxZoe
Intro**00:00 **
Dialogue**00:00 **
**Scene Total****00:00 **


%LIG% LX-0099 Work Light OFF (Static Playbacks)

%LIG% LX-2300 STANDBY for GO:

%MIX% Check Levels
%MIX% Unmute Desk

%MIX% Puppeteer1: ON


%ATT% Cop1 off in Segment A. Ryan, Zoe and Mila off in Segment B. Andrew off in Segment C

%HND% Curtain - open

%AMB% AMB-2301 - Bedroom Ambience

%LIG% LX-2301 Light up 2nd level Segment B/center (The bed), warm white CTO, incandescent lamp; light up central mh (maybe pan it slightly to the sides)

%ACT% Zoe and Ryan appear next to the bed

%ACT% Zoe takes a run-up and jumps into bed head-first

%ACT% Ryan walks up to the bed and sits down on the edge, putting his head in his paws

Zoe (mumbling into the mattress): "Oooooof! What a day!"

Ryan: "Tell me about it. You had such a great thing going here, and now it's all breaking apart just because of me."

%ACT% Zoe rolls on her back so she can speak without mumbling into the mattress

Zoe: "For now all that matters to me is that you're here and we can figure this out together."

Ryan: "At the moment I can't even figure myself out ..."

Zoe: "Try me."


%ACT% Zoe sits up and puts a paw on Ryan's shoulder.

Zoe: "In case you haven't noticed yet ... I really like you. And I trust you a lot more than Robin does. Please tell me what happened. I want to help you, but for that I need to understand what's going on!"

%ACT% Ryan hesitates before starting to tell his story

Ryan: "I joined the police because I wanted to be one of the good guys. Fight crime. Save lives. Make our community safer. Because that's what the police is supposed to be about, right?"

Zoe: "It sure depends a lot on who you ask."

Ryan: "Anyway ... made detective in no time, and when they offered to move me to the Cat City vice unit I was like, 'Does the pope shit in the woods? OF COURSE!' Finally no more parking tickets, but real cop things! Gangs, hookers, drug dealers, I was thrilled! One of our missions was to 'save' the street workers from trafficking."

Zoe: "And by that you mean, arrest them."

Ryan: "Arrest them, charge them, lock them up, and then put them back on the street. Rinse, repeat. The circle of life."

Zoe: "How long did it take you to realize it's all fake?"

Ryan: "It wasn't all fake. I got to do a lot of genuinely good stuff. But it didn't take me long to find out that all wasn't gold that glitters in this unit. Maybe a month into the new job, I was on patrol with one of my older colleagues, when THIS happened ..."

%ACT% Ryan grabs a box of donuts from under the bed

%ACT% Ryan stands up, walking over to Segment A [6]

%AMB% AMB-2302 - Night City Ambience

%LIG% LX-2302 Light off for Segment B/center (The bed at [4])

%LIG% LX-2303 Light up 2nd level Segment A/left [6], white, slight CTB moonlight (background in blue?); mh

%ACT% Cop1 is sitting in the passenger seat of the police car, observing the street

%ACT% Ryan virtually opens the car door and sits down in the driver seat of the police car. 

Ryan: "Here, I brought us some donuts! Maybe some sugar will help keep us awake."

%ACT% Ryan hands over the box of donuts.

Cop1: "Thanks, man! Tonight's been a slow night. I could really use some action."

Ryan: "Call me old fashioned, but I like not having to dodge bullets for a change."

Cop1: "*laughs* Yeah, me too."

Ryan: "Then what kind of action are you talking about?"

%ACT% Cop1 turns around and looks Ryan in the eye

Cop1: "You serious?"

Ryan: "What?"

Cop1: "No one told you yet?"

Ryan: "What are you talking about?"

%ACT% Cop1 laughs

Cop1: "Sorry, forgot you're new here. Can you keep a secret?"

Ryan: "Is it gonna get me in trouble?"

Cop1: "Only if you can't!"

Ryan: "All right! My lips are sealed. What's the secret?"

%ACT% Cop1 moves close to Ryan

Cop1 (speaking softly): "Did you know that cats have really rough tongues?"

Ryan: "Dude, that's gross!"

Cop1: "*laughs* No, really! You gotta try it! Let's go! I know some really god ones!"

Ryan: "Worth-risking-my-job-good?"

Cop1: "Your job's safe, it's all covered by qualified immunity! A good detective needs to collect some first hand evidence from time to time, right? Come on! Everyone does it!"

Ryan: "I can't believe you're all literally catfuckers!"

Cop1: "Yeah. The one thing they're actually good for. Now ... you in or not?"

Ryan: "I think I'll pass."

Cop1: "Not man enough for a little roll in the hay?"

Ryan: "It's just not my thing."

%ACT% Cop1 laughs

%ACT% Cop1 grabs the radio

Cop1: "Hey, 2-4-5-1-2 Calling all units. I have a 10-200 at 675 Mary Jane Avenue."

%PRE% PRE-2301 - Dispatch (radio): "Affirmative. Need backup?"

Ryan: "Wait a minute, what's a 10-200?"

Cop1: "And he doesn't know what a 10-200 is. You wanna tell him?"

%PRE% PRE-2302 - Dispatch (radio): "10-200 means code CHICKEEEEEEN! Boooork! Boooork! Boooork! Boooork! Boooork! *voices from an entire office full of people laughing*"

%SND% SND-2302 - Police Siren

%ACT% Cop1 turns on the siren and the lights in time

%ACT% Cop1 laughs his heart out

%ACT% Cop1 turns the siren and the lights off again

Ryan: "So much for mutual respect in this unit."

Cop1 (grins): "Respect, my friend, is something that has to be earned!"

Ryan: "I guess I'll be walking tonight ..."

%ACT% Ryan gets out of the police car, and slams the door.

%SND% SND-2303 - Leaving Car

Ryan gets out of the police car, and slams the door.

%ACT% Ryan walks back to the bed in Segment B [4]

%LIG% LX-2304 Light up 2nd level Segment B/center [4], retain color from before

%ACT% Cop1 moves over to the drivers seat.

Cop1: "Let me know when you change your mind!"

%AMB% AMB-2302 Bedroom Ambience

%LIG% LX-2305 Light off for Segment A/left [6]

%ACT% Ryan sits on the bed again

Ryan: "*sigh*"

Zoe: "And? Did you?"

Ryan: "Change my mind? Of course! ... I wasn't making a joke when I said that the force is like a brotherhood. They'd never respect my rank if I didn't."

Zoe: "Disgusting!"

Ryan: "I find it a lot more disgusting today than I did back then. Not trying to make an excuse, but ... I had this image in my head what rape looks like. From the training videos at the academy. But this ... this felt different. No drama. Everyone knew what the deal was. We'd let them off the hook and got a bit of free service in return. Give and take. Right?"

Zoe: "No, not at all."

Ryan: "*sighs* No, of course not. But that's what we kept telling ourselves, until we believed it. And you know what's even worse? I discovered that I was really - and I mean REALLY - into cats. The way they feel, the way they smell, the way they move ... there's just something incredibly hot about felines. There, told you so. I'm really a disgusting piece of shit."

Zoe: "Go on."

Ryan: "One day, a beautiful black cat showed up on my Howlr. I couldn't believe my eyes, it was usually all canines! I immediately swiped to the right. And to my surprise, so did she. We hooked up for the night. Her name was Mila. But, what do you know, instead of having kinky inter-species sex, we ended up just sitting on the sofa, talking 'til the sun came up. It was magic."

Zoe: "Awww, how sweet."

Ryan: "Something snapped inside of me that night. The street cats suddenly were no longer just ... cats. When looking at them, it felt like Mila was staring back at me through their eyes. I realized what I'd done. And I couldn't let it go on like this. Ordered everyone to stop taking advantage of the street cats, or else. Huh. Looked at me like I'd gone crazy. When I caught them doing it again, I did something that was probably the biggest mistake of my life."

%ACT% Ryan picks up a police badge, puts it on, stands up, and walks over to Segment C [2]

%LIG% LX-2306 Light up 2nd level Segment C/right [2], white CTB; mh

%LIG% LX-2307 Light off for Segment B/center [4]

%ACT% Andrew is sitting at his desk at the police office

Ryan: "Chief Cross?"

Andrew: "Detective Chase?"

Ryan: "Sorry for barging in like that, but I really wanted to talk to you in person before filing for disciplinary action."

Andrew: "Fair enough, it's always better to talk things through face to face. So what's the problem."

Ryan: "My unit. I'm facing frequent cases of insubordination, and it's becoming a real safety issue."

Andrew: "Well, it's your job to lead the unit. If you can't do that, maybe you're not the right person for the job."

Ryan: "WHAT?"

Andrew: "There's rank, and there's respect. I gave you the rank, but it's on you to earn the respect."

Ryan: "What makes you think I'm not respectable?"

Andrew: "I'm not blind, Chase. I know what's going on. Word's been going round that you've been turning soft lately. And that you've been making officers look bad in front of the entire unit. And now you're here, snitching on them. How are they supposed to respect you if you're fouling the nest like that?"


Andrew: "You better set that straight, Chase. The boys need a strong leader. You gotta do what it takes."

Ryan: "Sir, we've got cops walking the streets essentially gang raping the alley cats!"

Andrew: "Yeah, and from what I've heard that's right up **your** alley!"

Ryan: "HRMMMMG....."

%ACT% Ryan puts his hand on the table and crumples some random bits of papers lying there.

Andrew: "Can't handle the truth? This is not a game, Chase. I don't care what kind of pervert you are, but it's our goddamn job to put those pests in their place, and I expect you to do whatever needs to be done to make that happen. If that also gets your rocks off, what's your problem all of a sudden?"

Ryan: "The fact that you even have to ask that question is making me SICK! These guys are committing crimes on the job, and you're punishing ME for reporting it?"

Andrew: "Yes. The mall project's being finalized as we speak, and the last thing I need now is some stupid cat shit boiling over because of a greenhorn detective suddenly having a fit of the blues. Listen to me, Chase, because I'll only say it once: You are either going to shut up about this or I'll personally make sure you'll never enjoy a single day of your life again. Understood?"

Ryan: "*deep breath* Alright. If that's how you play, I don't wanna be under your command any more. I quit. Goodbye, Cross."

%ACT% Ryan rips the police badge from his chest, and throws it right into Andrew's face.

%SND% SND-2304 - Badge Hitting the Floor

%ACT% Ryan storms off towards Segment B [4]

%LIG% LX-2308 Light up 2nd level Segment B/center [4], retain color from before

Ryan: "And if you dare threaten me again, I'm gonna make this a headline on national news!"

%AMB% AMB-2305 - Bedroom Ambience

%LIG% LX-2309 Light off for Segment C/right [2]

%ACT% Ryan drops on the bed, out of breath, and in despair like he'd just experienced everything again in person

%ACT% Zoe strokes Ryan's back, and gives him a reassuring lick

Zoe: "Wow! I don't even know what to say."

Ryan: "When I came home, my mind seriously needed a break. So I invited Mila over for some Catflix and Chill."

%ACT% Zoe cuddles up to Ryan, but then seems to slip down behind the bed, disappearing

%ACT% Mila climbs into the bed from the other side, cuddling up to Ryan

%ACT% Mila purrs and licks Ryan's face, catlike

%ACT% Ryan giggles

Ryan: "Hey, I'm no kitten!"

%ACT% Mila murmurs something and starts biting his ear

Mila: "Nom!"

Ryan: "Ouch! Okay, okay, Kitten was better."

Mila: "Hand me my glass, doggy!"

%ACT% Ryan reaches over to the glass on the bedstand and stops, seeing it and the bottle are empty

Ryan: "Sorry, babe, all out."

Mila: "Some provider you are."

%ACT% Ryan swings his legs off the bed and pulls his pants on

Ryan: "I'll run over to the minimart. Get something cheap and tasty, just like you-"

%ACT% Mila throws her pillow at him

%ACT% Ryan laughs and heads toward the "door" [3 towards backdrop]

Mila: "Kill the lights, babe."

Ryan: "Just don't fall asleep without me!"

%ACT% Ryan "flips a switch" as he goes out the "door"

%SND% SND-2305 - Light Switch
%MUS% SND-2307 - Horror Music 1

%LIG% LX-2310 Light off for Segment B (all dark now)

%HND% Prepare Mila's corpse, cover her with the blanket_red

Ryan (Narrator): "The liquor store was just a few blocks away, so I took the chance to get some fresh air and shake off some of the day's hard feelings. But nothing could have prepared me for what I saw when I came back just a few minutes later."

%SND% SND-2305B - Door Opens

%ACT% Ryan enters the bedroom with a clinking bag. The room is dark and quiet.

Ryan: "Don't tell me you fell as-"

%ACT% Ryan "flips a switch"

%SND% SND-2306 - Light Switch
%SND% SND-2308 - Horror2

%LIG% LX-2311 Light up 2nd level Segment B, options for showing the bloody body: white CTB, blue/dark blue

%ACT% Ryan sees the horror of Mila's bloody body spread out on the bed

Ryan (in shock): "Mila!"

%ACT% Ryan drops the clinking bag and runs to her, checking for a pulse ... but she is dead

Ryan (Narrator): "There she lay. Covered in blood. Her throat slashed open."

Ryan: "SHIT! Shitshitshit."

%ACT% Ryan grabs his phone and dials

%SND% SND-2309 - Dial 911

Ryan: "This is Detective Ryan Chase. I'm at 1425 Elm Street. My friend has just been murdered! ... Yes! ... HURRY!"

%ACT% Ryan sits on the edge of the bed and, after a hesitation, touches her hand

%ACT% Ryan puts his head in his hands, sobbing

%SND% SND-2310 - Ryan's phone rings TWO TIMES.

Ryan: "Chase ..."

%PRE% PRE-2303 - Bob is whispering, he is terrified

%PRE% PRE-2303 (cont.) - Bob: "Ryan! Get out NOW! It's a set-up! They're coming to kill you!"

Ryan: "Bob? What-"

%PRE% PRE-2304 - Bob: "GET OUT NOW!"

%ACT% Ryan leaps up and grabs his jacket, running out the door

%ATT% The room is silent. Even the sirens have stopped. Mila's body lies still in the yellow light of the lamp.

%ATT% A few seconds later the windows and walls of the small house are shattered by a massive amount of gunfire. One bullet hits the lamp and the stage goes dark.

%SND% SND-2311 - SWAT TEAM breaks in, shoots, a car starts up, squealing tires as he peals out

%LIG% LX-2312 Light off for Segment B (all dark now)

%HND% Remove Mila's corpse

%ACT% Ryan and Zoe get back into position on the bed

Ryan (Narrator): "Going full panic. Nearly hit a tree trying to make a U-Turn. Full throttle. Everything becomes a blur. When I finally come to my senses I somehow made it halfway across the county. Been on the road ever since. Probably should have headed straight to Mexico or something, but this place has a strange kind of gravity that keeps pulling you back. Feels like I've been going in circles for weeks. Then, one night - you know which one - I saw your neon sign: 'All Cats Are Beautiful'. And I went like, 'Yeah. They totally are. Maybe this is where I'm going to find the answers I need.'"

%LIG% LX-2313 Light up 2nd level Segment B/center (The bed), warm white CTO, incandescent lamp

Zoe: "Holy Bastet, mother of all cats ... with all that in mind, it's unbelievable how well you held it all together that night!"

Ryan: "I was completely numb. Like a fuse had blown somewhere in my head."

Zoe: "We can't let him get away with this."

Ryan: "Forget it. It's me against the entire police force. I'm screwed."

Zoe: "There must be a way. What would it take to bring down Chief Cross?"

Ryan: "No one else at the station will step up. They saw what happened to me. The good ones all have families. Cross got them by the balls."

%ACT% Zoe thinks

Zoe: "What about evidence? Sounds like they got pretty casual about all the violence and corruption."

Ryan: "You wouldn't believe it. The call logs alone would show what's going on. Guys would brag about what they were doing."

%ACT% Ryan thinks.

Ryan: "There's a backup of the Police Department computer. Emails. Call logs. Case Files. Even some bodycam footage. Which wouldn't be admissible in court, because they won't accept stolen evidence from outlaw cops."

Zoe: "That's why we're not going to fight them in court. We're going to beat them at their own game. Do you know anyone working at the IT department?"

Ryan: "They don't really have one. It's literally 'the computer'. And a fax machine. They'd rather spend all their money on fancy weapons and cars."

%ACT% Ryan sways a little, almost tumbling off the bed

%ACT% Zoe sees him faltering. She gently pushes him down onto the bed and sits next to him.

Zoe: "You look awful. And you deserve some rest. And lots of love."

Ryan: "No I don't."

Zoe: "The most important thing to me is that you got into this bad situation not because of the mistakes you made in the past, but because you're trying to make things right and become a better person. There is so much more to justice than an eye for an eye. In a few weeks of freedom you've already learned more than most criminals who get thrown in the slammer coming out worse than before. I don't like the person you used to be. But I think I'm quite fond of who you are today."

%ACT% Ryan looks up at her

Ryan: "Thank you."

%ACT% Zoe kisses his nose

%ACT% Zoe starts stroking his chest. He reaches up and touches her face briefly.

%ACT% Zoe kisses him again

%ACT% Zoe begins to snuggle up with Ryan, looking like he's finally accepting her affection, and will finally let her have sex with him ...

Ryan: "ZZZzzzz..."

%ACT% Zoe does a double take at Ryan's sleeping face.

%ACT% Zoe droops a little, disappointed.

Zoe: "*sigh* So close. Oh well."

%ACT% Zoe tucks Ryan in with the blanket_soft

Zoe: "You're so cute when you're not wreaking havoc on the world. Sleep well my puppy, because tomorrow I'll show you what *I* used to do for a living in my previous life ..."

%LIG% LX-0099 Lights out

%HND% Curtain - close

%LIG% LX-0099 Work Light ON