Act 2, Scene 3: Dog's News

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Bill Richardson: "Ladies and gentlemen, good evening. I'm Bill Richardson, and this is 'The Richardson Report' here on Dog's News - the only show without an agenda! Our very own Jonathan Perry just got on the scene live in Cat City and has the latest developments. We've been watching this for a couple of hours now, Jonathan. What do you know?"

%SND% Transition: Sounds of footsteps on gravel and distant protest chants mix with the correspondent's narration

%AMB% city sounds, chanting of protesters in the background

Jonathan: "Let me set the scene for you. Some moments ago, the Los Lobos Police Department got out with their loudspeaker truck and they told everyone still out there that they're about to be in violation of the curfew order, that they needed to disperse. There was a little bit of an exchange of tear gas, a little bit of exchange of bottles. We're seeing even a car on fire, reports of shots fired. The police here have a tradition of giving the protesters some space, allowing a certain degree of civil disobedience. Then when it gets to be a little too much, they express what the limits are and the protesters get back in line and go where they're supposed to be. Clearly, that did not happen today. This is something I have never seen in Los Lobos. Mayor Shubert Grimaldi is trying to appeal to that peaceful Los Lobos tradition, that tradition of peaceful protest, calling on these demonstrators to stop doing damage, to stop vandalizing, because this is just not what we do in Los Lobos, appealing to that."

Bill Richardson: "Peaceful protest is the hallmark of a free society. We all know that. But what we're seeing break out here, it's only going to make everything worse. There is absolutely zero chance that rioting or looting or destroying the good people's businesses or homes or properties that's going to result in a better life for anyone, especially Feline Americans. Joining us is Chief Andrew Cross from the Los Lobos police department, to provide us insight into what transpired here earlier this evening. Chief Cross, thank you for being here."

Andrew: "Thank you, Bill, for having me."

Bill Richardson: "Chief Cross, could you tell our audience what happened during the protest that led to the violence?"

Andrew: "Certainly, Bill. What we witnessed was a demonstration that unfortunately escalated into violence due to the actions of irresponsible agitators within the crowd. Our officers were on the scene to maintain order and protect the safety of the community ... and protesters' rights!"

Bill Richardson: "I see. There have been reports of protesters being harassed by the police prior to the escalation. Can you comment on that?"

Andrew: "Of course. Our officers were carrying out their duty to ensure the safety of the area with utmost dedication. We received multiple reports of potential disruptions and, yes, there were confrontations between a small group of protesters and our officers. However, it's important to note that our officers followed protocol to a T and exercised complete restraint in the face of insufferable provocation."

Bill Richardson: "I'm not sure if we have the video, but if we can pull it up, this happened within about the last 30 minutes or so. You're going to see a LOLPD officer goes in to make an arrest on somebody. He immediately gets swarmed by the crowd there, badly outnumbered. He continues trying to make that arrest. The crowd continues swarming around him and eventually some of the people in the crowd start punching him, kicking him. Some start hitting him with their sign. He continues trying to make that arrest, but eventually, a good Samaritan in that crowd is eventually able to try to protect that police officer, eventually drags him out from what was a very bad and a very dangerous situation."

Andrew: "It's very important that you're showing your viewers these images, because what you usually don't get to see are the diligent efforts our officers to de-escalate the situation. It's clear as rain that the agitators in the crowd were attempting to incite chaos and violence and provoke a response."

Bill Richardson: "Thank you Mr. Cross. And my next guest is Sasha Wilkinson, host of 'The Spin Stops Here' on 'Dog's Nation'. Sasha, I've been online to track what the role of antifa has been in Minneapolis, Atlanta, and now apparently in Los Lobos. What can you tell us about how they might be mucking things up and making these things very, very unstable?"

Sasha: "Well, they are exploiting the existing conditions and exploiting the local residents, exploiting the very justified outpouring of grief and anger. They specialize in masking themselves behind genuine protesters, and exploiting these opportunities to agitate and destroy. These are professional antagonizers. They've been trained. They have manuals on how to do this. They cover their faces. They'll have gas masks that aren't the typical gas masks. Theirs are the expensive ones. They'll have communications equipment, like radios with miniature grade antennas. You'll see they have earpieces in their ears. There are repeaters on top of vehicles. And what is really interesting to people who study these groups is the confluence of Cat Lives Matter and Antifa, because ironically, they make it all about the racial divide and this terrible racial injustice, but Antifa is mostly dogs! And they don't care about getting rid of racism. Their slogans are about abolishing the police. They use sayings like the only good cops are dead cops. So they're not looking to reform the system or fix the system or anything like that."

Bill Richardson: "There you have it, viewers. once again we witness a bunch of bleeding-heart liberal agitators dragging the good name of our upstanding men and women in uniform through the mud and engaging in acts of wanton destruction and violence against their own kind. Who do these cats think they're harming?! One thing is for sure though, these are the facts folks, because we have no agenda! Now, stay tuned as we continue to dissect the lies behind today's riot in Cat City, live on 'The Richardson Report', right after the break."