Act 3, Scene 1: Turning Point

Ryan ChaseLynard
Mila EvansReesa

%SND% Sound of a door opening

Ryan: "Hello? Mila? Miii-la? It's me, Ryan! I think you forgot to close the door! Oh what ... what's that on the sofa. A note?"

%SND% Sound of crumpling paper

Ryan: "If you read this, it's already too late. Wait wha ..."

%ACT% Mila pounces Ryan out of nowhere, knocking the air out of him ...


Ryan: "YIKES!"

Mila: "*laughs playfully*"

Ryan: "For heaven's sake, Mila, you almost gave me a heart attack!"

Mila (cheeky): "Oh, did I scare the 'big bad wolf'?"

Ryan: "As if my day job wasn't hard enough ..."

Mila: "*giggles* Well, one of the things I learned is that living with canines is so much easier when you assert dominance every now and then."

Ryan: "Okay, so I guess it's her Mistress' turn to choose what's for dinner tonight."

Mila: "Yes! Pineapple Pizza!"

Ryan: "*groan* Oh please, someone call the Humane Society!"

Mila: "*laughs* Why can't all dogs be like you?"

Ryan: "But they are."

Mila: "Nah, not by a long stretch. I wish I could introduce you to my friends. I think you'd get along really well."

Ryan: "What's holding you back? I'd love to get to know them!"

Mila: "Well ... *sigh* ..."

Ryan: "Do they dislike canines that much?"

Mila: "No, Wolfy, that's not it."

Ryan: "You can be honest."

Mila: "I think they'd have a very hard time understanding I'm dating a cop.'"

Ryan: "But they don't even know me!"

Mila: "You know what it's like. All cops are bastards."

Ryan: "And all cats are sluts, right?"

Mila: "That's what you thought when we met for the first time, remember?"

Ryan: "And boy did YOU prove me wrong."

Mila: "And if you want to be accepted in a community of cats, you'll have to prove THEM wrong, too."

Ryan: "But how?"

Mila: "I don't know ... why did someone as nice as you become a cop? What went WRONG in your life?"

Ryan: "Nothing went 'wrong'. I wanted a job with a meaning. Serve the community. Fight crime. It's certainly not perfect. But we need the police. Who else is going to keep people safe?"

Mila: "Then why do I have to be afraid for my life in a traffic stop?"

Ryan: "*sigh* I told you I know it's not perfect."

Mila: "There are many reasons why Cat City isn't safe. And policing doesn't address ANY of them. In fact, it makes almost everything worse. I might be a lucky privileged kitty, living up here in west park, but I know what's happening down there in Cat City. Word gets around. And what you guys are doing when you think no-one's looking is not painting a trustworthy picture, not at all."

Ryan: "*sigh* Yes, I know exactly what you're talking about. But I'm not like that. Not any more."

Mila: "That's not going to be enough. I love you, Wolfy. But I can't hide you from everyone I know forever. And I can't choose between you and my friends. We have to figure it out somehow. And just because you've been a cop for years doesn't mean you always have to be one. There are other good jobs for smart wolves like you."

Ryan: "You're right. But that would be like giving up. No. I think I can prove that not all cops are bastards. I can make a difference. And I'm going to start right here and now. From now on, I will be a good cop. I will never again tolerate felines being treated unfairly. I will report violence and abuse. I am going to make the headlines as the cop who drained the swamp."

Mila: "I don't think you'll get that far before they'll fire you."

Ryan: "Well, as you said, there are other good jobs for wolves like me. But then they can't say I haven't tried. I love you Mila, and I will do anything so that you don't have to be ashamed of me, if it takes me to hell and back. I promise. On my life, I promise."