Act 3, Scene 3: Surprise Party

Setting: ACAB club. The club is open and Arabella is doing her best on the stage. Ryan is bartending, wearing a ridiculous wig as a disguise. Zoe is sitting at the bar in her dance outfit waiting to go on after Arabella. Zoe, Robin, and Ryan are chatting.
Stage setupNameComment
Base plate with postimprov "stage" for rehearsals
Coke crate platformfor pole dancer (2 m x 0,8 m)
step 20 cmat [3-4] next to dance stage
Left: StripClub
Middle: StripClub
Right: StripClub
ACAB neon logoNowetion middle or right panel
shelfon left panel
On 2nd rail
bar counter[5-7, 2nd]
stage / scratch post[1-3, 2nd]
On playrail
Hand props & personal props
gasoline canDunkelpfote
assault rifleFyx
pistolAiko, Noweti, Sehkeba3x (Andrew and Agents)
fur piecesFoxelwhen Arabella is shot
FBI badgeNoweti, Sehkeba, Feo3x
mop in a bucketFyx
FBI body armorFoxel
Special effects
media / videoFOH_Projectionfinal video
RATS-21HakuButton 21 -> RATS15 (Cross Gunshots)
RATS-22HakuButton 22 -> RATS17 (FBI Gunshot)
ZoePano'wolf, LunoZoe
ArabellaKidaFeo, FoxelPotamiskimpy dancer costume, FBI body armor
OlafCurryFuaranDerpy Cheetah
Intro**00:00 **
Dialogue**00:00 **
**Scene Total****00:00 **


%LIG% LX-0099 Work Light OFF (Static Playbacks)

%LIG% LX-3300 STANDBY for GO:

%MIX% Check Levels
%MIX% Unmute Desk

%MIX% Puppeteer1: ON


%ATT% STBY Stage left [1, off]: Olaf (appears in second part of the scene)

%ATT% STBY Stage right [7, off]: SWAT_Member1, SWAT_Member2, Andrew

%ATT% Zoe and Ryan in the bed. You wish ;-)

%ATT% Robin and Ryan behind the bar counter and Zoe at the bar. Arabella on stage. Customers at the table and stage.

%HND% Curtain - open

%AMB% AMB-3301 - Busy Bar

%LIG% LX-3301 Lights on, left CTO sun, center and right reddish white as ambience (emphasis at tech rehearsal), slight movements in moving heads

Robin: "It's nice to see so many new faces at the club. It's kinda crazy how much publicity a riot gets you!"

Zoe: "Yeah ... now you can finally afford two dancers!"

%ACT% Arabella slips off the pole and lands with a thud that shakes the whole building

Robin: "Well, one dancer and one ... slightly constipated elephant."

%ACT% Ryan cleans a glass

Ryan: "I'm still loving the look on the Chief's face when he saw me up on that screen."

Zoe: "He got exactly what he deserved."

Ryan: "Nah, not even close. A lifetime of suffering wouldn't be enough. Still super satisfying tho'."

Zoe: "And the best is yet to come!"

Ryan: "At least we've got everyone's attention now."

Zoe: "You did a great job, Puppy!"

%ACT% Zoe kisses Ryan

Ryan: "*SIGH*"

Zoe: "Still nervous?"

Ryan: "I'm still a wanted murderer. And things can still go very wrong from here."

Robin: "Barclay and Grimaldi are going to be busy doing damage control for a while. We bought ourselves a little time, at least."

Ryan: "Yeah. Nice to be able to relax a little."

%HND% The door explodes inward from a SWAT-team battering ram

%SND% SND-3301 - Door Opens, Audience Panics

%LIG% LX-3302 All CTO warm white

%ACT% Robin, Ryan and Zoe duck down

%ACT% The customers dive for cover.

%ACT% SWAT_Member1 wearing body armor enters the club from [7] with a laser sighted assault rifle armed and loaded

%ACT% SWAT_Member2 enters the club, carrying a gasoline can

%ACT% Andrew enters the room, decked in his own body armor and armed with a 9 mm pistol and a megaphone

%ACT% Andrew turns to his SWAT lieutenants

Andrew: "Spread the gasoline around the doors and windows. No one gets out when we leave."

%ACT% Andrew walks to [4], searching for Robin

%ACT% Andrew (through megaphone): "Robin Halley. You are under arrest for harboring known fugitive Ryan Chase. All of you, put down your weapons and surrender!"

%ACT% Robin raises her hands and confronts Andrew

Robin: "What the fuck? What weapons? No one here has weapons!"

%ACT% Arabella stands tall in the spotlight on the stage / scratch post

Andrew: "I am giving you one last chance to drop your weapons and surrender! SURRENDER OR WE FIRE!"


%ACT% Andrew points his gun at Robin, ready to fire

Andrew (calm): "Do I look like I fucking care you goddamn cats!"

%ACT% Ryan and Zoe re-appear to support Robin

%ACT% Robin remembers the last time he pulled this. There's nowhere to run and she stands there waiting to die.

Arabella (shouts in a surprisingly authoritative voice): "GET DOWN!"

%SND% SND-3302 - Enter Slow Motion
%LIG% LX-3303 center CTO -> CTB or blue, left and right fade out

%ACT% Arabella runs and leaps off the stage / scratch post IN SLOW MOTION and tackles Robin, shielding her

%ACT% Andrew starts shooting at Robin 3 times IN SLOW MOTION

%HND% throw fur pieces for each bullet that hits Arabella

%SND% RATS-21 Cross Gunfire 4x

%HND% The bullets slam into Arabella's back IN SLOW MOTION as she and Robin hit the floor IN SLOW MOTION

%ACT% Zoe screams IN SLOW MOTION

%SND% SND-3303 - Exit Slow Motion
%LIG% LX-3304 center CTB or blue -> CTO, left and right fade in

%ACT% Andrew smiles IN REAL TIME and points his gun at Ryan and Zoe, starting to laugh like a madman

%SND% RATS-22 FBI Gunshots

%ACT% Andrew looks at his gun, confused ... then raises his hand to feel the stream of blood suddenly flowing down his cheek before he falls, dead

%ACT% The customers rise up from under the ClubTable2 with a pistol in one hand each and an FBI badge in the other

%PRE% PRE-3301 - Customers: "FBI! DROP YOUR WEAPONS, NOW!"

%ACT% SWAT_Member1 and SWAT_Member2 freeze, taken by surprise. This is not what they bargained for. They quickly drop their assault rifles and gasoline cans and raise their hands.

%ACT% Ryan leaps over the bar and rushes to the pile of Arabella and Robin

%ACT% Zoe slowly walks over to Ryan

%ACT% Arabella rolls over, groaning and appears at the bar counter

Arabella: "Owww ... Gonna feel that in the morning. Hell, I'm feeling that NOW!"

%ACT% Ryan and Zoe recoil, shocked that she is still alive

%ACT% Arabella helps Robin up

Robin: "What the hell, Arabella?"

%ACT% Arabella pulls out an FBI badge from ... somewhere

Arabella: "FBI. I was sent here undercover to verify civil rights violations by the local law enforcement and government."

Robin: "How ... how are you still alive?!"

%ACT% Arabella rips her skimpy dancer costume off to reveal her FBI body armor.

Ryan: "Where did you hide that badge?!"

%ACT% Arabella looks at him drolly

Arabella: "I get a whole suit of body armor under THAT costume and you want to know where I hid my badge?"

Ryan: "I'm asking for Olaf."

%ACT% Robin looks at Arabella

Zoe: "Great Job, bacon!"

Arabella: "Thanks for calling us, Zoe! If you need help again, you've got my card!"

Zoe: "Yes, thanks to Bob."

Robin: "Wait ... YOU snuck her in here, right under my eyes?"

Zoe: "I told you I called the feds."

Robin: "Yeah, but ... her? What in the world?"

Zoe: "Terrible dancer, but ace FBI lady."

%ACT% Arabella pats Robin's shoulder

Arabella: "Yeah, but I was starting to OWN it!"

Robin: "Wow."

%ACT% Arabella does a little hip bump as she goes to her men

Arabella: "Get these goons processed and call in the backup to help. We got a lot of paperwork to do!"

%ACT% Arabella pauses


%LIG% LX-3305 Lights out (NO WORK LIGHT)

%HND% Curtain - close

%HND% clean up stage, prepare for epilogue

%ATT% Wait until audience calmed down

%VID% VID-3301 - "EPILOGUE - The Next Day"

%AMB% AMB-3302 - Empty Bar

%ATT% Send STAGE READY signal to FOH

%HND% Curtain - open

%LIG% LX-3306 Lights on, left like before but darker, center and right like before but with a bit more pink

%ACT% Olaf is sweeping up all the debris from last night. But he's kinda upbeat about it. He dances around his mop.

%ACT% Zoe, Ryan and Robin are sitting at the bar.

Zoe: "Hey Olaf! Aren't you sad that the girl of your dreams turned out to be an undercover cop?"

Olaf: "It's not her fault she was born a pig! And she'll always remain an inspiration to me! She taught me what it means to dance like no-one's watching!"

Ryan: "Yeah. that lady was SOMETHING!"

Olaf: "Hey, Zoe, you think you could give me some dancing lessons?"

Zoe: "Sure! Any time!"

Robin: "You mean, in your time off. I'm not sure the audience is prepared for 'Facility Maaaaaan, The Musical' yet."

Olaf: "I thought all cats are beautiful?"

Zoe: "You are, Olaf. In your very own way!"

Olaf: "Yaaaaay! I'm beautiful!"

%ACT% Zoe, Robin and Ryan laugh!

%ACT% Olaf dances off stage to [1]

Robin: "So, it looks like you're finally a free man, Ryan!"

Ryan: "Yeah, can't quite believe it myself. The last few days have been kinda unreal."

Zoe: "Poor Mila though. I'm always going to miss her."

Ryan: "Yeah. Me too."

Robin: "She didn't deserve to die. But it was her case that finally broke Chief Cross' back. I think she deserves some kind of memorial."

Ryan: "Yes! That's a great idea! So people will always be reminded what happens when there's nobody left to police the police."

Zoe: "We should have a toast to Mila."

Robin: "Yes, let me pour a cold one for everyone."

%ACT% Robin turns around, then pulls the lever on the beer tap

%SND% SND-3304 - Splatter!


%ACT% Everyone spits and coughs

Robin: "Oh shit, sorry sorry sorry sorry ... I totally forgot it still does that! Here!"

%ACT% Robin produces a towel for Ryan and Zoe to clean up, but they don't want it. She takes it for herself.

%ACT% Zoe laughs and begins to lick the foam off Ryan

%ACT% Ryan giggles

Ryan: "Is that enough beer to mask my nasty wolf taste?"

Zoe: "Meow! You look like you could finally use some sweet T-L-C ..."

%ACT% Ryan is shocked by her offer

Ryan: "Zoe! That's so disrespectful!"

Zoe: "Stud ... you say you knew Mila. Think about it! You think she'd object if she were here?"

%ACT% Ryan laughs.

Ryan: "Ha! Maybe you're right. She was cool about stuff. That's something I liked about her. Always easy going."

%ACT% Zoe runs her fingers through Ryan's chest fur. Ryan leans over and kisses her.

Zoe: "Thaaaat's the spirit."

%ACT% Ryan and Zoe start making out, slowly slipping below the playrail out of sight

%ACT% Robin watches them, amused.

Robin: "Looks like we're getting a free show tonight..."

%ACT% Zoe comes up for air and holds her hand out.

Zoe: "Uh-uh. Watching costs extra."

%ACT% Robin rolls her eyes and gets up, walking out to [1]

Robin: "No chance. I got a pile of insurance paperwork and pirate cable for free."

%ACT% Zoe grabs Ryan by one ear and drags him towards the stairs at [1]

Zoe: "Come on, puppy, no chance to escape now ..."

Ryan: "Yieeeargh!"

%SND% SND-3305 - Door closing

%SND% A moment of silence

%SND% SND-3305 - Door Opening

%ACT% Olaf sneaks in

%ACT% Olaf looks left

%ACT% Olaf looks right

%ACT% Olaf begins starts to ... DANCE LIKE NOBODY IS LOOKING!

%ATT% Wait for Music!

%ACT% Olaf strikes a pose, and accidentally throws his mop away


%SND% SND-3306 - Electrical Arcing

%LIG% LX-3307 Center and right lights flicker and go out

%VID% VID-3302 - "THE END"

%VID% Screen Ops Takes over from here -> END TITLES

%LIG% LX-0099 Lights out

%HND% Curtain - close

%VID% Epilogue
%VID% Cat City was saved ... for the time being. And today?
%VID% - Zoe Bianchi is now teaching expressive dance in her own little school.
%VID% - Ryan Chase was cleared of all charges, and founded the "Mila Evans Foundation", to look after the community in Cat City, collecting donations to build affordable housing, educational facilities etc.
%VID% - Robin Halley was able to open two additional bars in the cities next door.
%VID% - Chief Andrew Cross ... he DED!
%VID% - Theodore M. Barclay collected his $100 Million Dollars bonus as agreed and retired to the Maldives.
%VID% - Mayor Shubert Grimaldi resigned due to scheduling conflicts with the federal corruption and murder charges he faced.
%VID% - And Olaf? He remained ... Just FABULOUS!

%LIG% LX-0099 Work Light ON