Act 3, Scene 3: Burn Brighter

Jackson DraperBlutilein
Chester EldritchFederkeks

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Chester Eldritch: "Good evening, dear listeners, and welcome to HISS Radio, where we are 'Purring Progress, Roaring Change and Amplifying the Voices of Feline Equality Everywhere!' I'm your host, Chester Eldritch, and here with me is the spirited Jackson Draper, joining us today from the morning show!"

Jackson Draper: "That's right, Chester! Jackson Draper on the prowl, ready to set the airwaves ablaze with uncompromising truth and hard hitting facts!"

Chester Eldritch: "Tonight, we're here to take a closer look at a string of events that puts a big fat exclamation mark at the very end of our mission statement. And hoodoo boy, does the Los Lobos police force have some explaining to do! So lets turn our attention to today's absolutely extraordinary events. City Hall had invited the media to present their new development project for the South Market District around 21st Street and Mary Jane Avenue, to all of us better known as the heart of 'Cat City'."

Jackson Draper: "A plan that stirred the pot of controversy with accusations of gentrification, illegal eviction, money laundering and tax fraud, making for a nasty dooky stew! As a side dish, we are served good old fashioned civil rights violations on a nasty platter. This is a three course meal of injustice, corruption and police brutality!"

Chester Eldritch: "Indeed, Jackson. And the cherry on top of this crap sundae is the utter lack of accountability of the powers in charge. But lets get to the juicy meat of it all. As the press conference was delayed due to a false fire alarm, a group of Cat City activists seized the moment. They hacked into the presentation, turning it into a rallying cry for the marginalized, a virtual podium for those who've had enough of the unchecked power dynamics! The altered presentation did more than just raise eyebrows. It shone a piercing light on the corruption and racism that's been whispered about for so long."

Jackson Draper: "And just when you thought that was a bombshell, they dropped the Ryan Chase video! We all remember Detective Chase, the Killer-Cop, number one suspect in the brutal murder of one Mila Evans. A done deal, right? Violent dirty pimp cop who offed his hooker girlfriend after a nasty bout; at least that's what the police told us all. Maya Martinez and me already told you from our morning show studio that the story stinks!"

Chester Eldritch: "That video didn't show us a remorseless Killer-Cop. It portrayed a man, conflicted but courageous, laying bare the inner workings of a police department rotten to the core, and a cover-up of such a sinister quality that it sends chills down my spine, orchestrated by none other than Los Lobos Police Chief Andrew Cross himself! The press conference was quickly terminated by Mayor Grimaldi, but not before a QR-Code was dropped, linking to a digital testament to the horrific injustice perpetuated by City Hall and the L-O-L-P-D."

Jackson Draper: "Honestly Chester, I am just speechless!"

Chester Eldritch: "As am I, Jackson. One thing is for sure however, the ripples of this incident reach far and wide. The city is divided, trust is eroded, and even the wider community is grappling with the harsh reality that our institutions may not be what they seem."

Jackson Draper: "Well, it's about damn time! We here at HISS Radio have been shouting it from the rooftops for years. This isn't just about one incident."

Chester Eldritch: "While the police scramble to salvage their image and City Hall seems more concerned with its own reputation, we must remind them - it's not just their image that's at stake, but the lives and rights of every Los Lobos resident. Because, let's not forget, all of this is happening against the backdrop of the recent protest by the inhabitants of Cat City against the construction of the South Market Gold Rush Mall."

Jackson Draper: "Ah, yeah, the protest that turned into a dogdamn riot, after Police Chief Andrew Cross personally led the Los Lobos Riot Squad to disband it with extreme prejudice. The same Chief Cross who went on a violent spree a few days back, assaulting an innocent Lady right inside City Hall and who now stands accused of a most heinous crime by a former member of his own Police Force! (Pause) Chief Cross, are you listening? You can't silence the truth, not anymore! No matter how much 'prejudice' you throw our way. You're facing accusations of orchestrating Mila Evans' death to silence a whistleblower. Put that on your dog biscuit and have a chow!"

Chester Eldritch: "This incident has laid bare the fragility of our institutions, Jackson. We have a long road ahead, demanding transparency, justice, and equity."

Jackson Draper: "Indeed Chester! And while the police force is doubling down on their 'narrative' about Ryan Chase and the riots, City Hall dances around accountability as if they were dogdamn Antonio Banderas! But we're not backing down there either. HISS Radio is turning up the volume, making sure our voice is heard loud and clear!"

Chester Eldritch: "Our city, our people, deserve nothing less. So, to all you listeners out there, keep your antennas tuned. This incident has ignited a fire, and we're not letting it burn out. 'Purring Progress, Roaring Change' is more than a motto; it's a battle cry for a city that refuses to be brow-beat into submission any longer! (Pause) Thank you for joining us tonight. Stay engaged, stay passionate, and let's forge a future where every voice matters."

Jackson Draper: "Remember, cats and dogs alike, the flames of justice don't burn out - they burn brighter! Let's light up this city!"

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Chester Eldritch: "Thank you all for tuning in, and thank you, Jackson, for you passionate insight. This is HISS Radio 99.1 FM's Chester Eldritch ..."

Jackson Draper: "... and Jackson Draper ..."

Chester Eldritch: "... signing off, have a good night!"

Jackson Draper: "... signing off, have a good night!"

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